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We provide a variety of language-related services and solutions according to our customers’ expectations and above. Our main focus is on providing Arabic language localization, translation, editing, proofreading, testing, as well as DTP services.
Nowadays, we are expanding to further include native linguists in these languages:
(Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Hindi, Turkish, Italian and Latvian)
All projects and tasks are done by native linguists who only translate into their mother tongues

Translation, Editing, Proofreading
TEP process

We do not merely translate words, but we also pass on an understanding and knowledge to people in their own language and create the same impact as the original source.

Our professionaleditors can use the appropriate tone, rewrite and revise any material thanks to our experience exceeding 10 years in editing process, making sure that text is clear and correct.

Because our subject-matter proofreaders have an eagle eye in spotting errors, we ensure text is free of typographical, spelling, grammatical, syntax, punctuation, formatting and other such errors.
You will receive 3 versions from 3 different linguists (as needed).


When you target a new market, you need to localize your product to be more suitable for a particular area to boost your product share. Our professional localizers in Trans2Target will provide you with unique and outstanding localized content.
We localize both software (Websites, apps, programs, etc.) and hardware (printers, devices, machines, etc.)


Trans2Target can manage all your testing needs to ensure perfect quality. Due to our eagle eye in spotting errors, we do things right 1st time.
Till this minute, we have tested more than 3000 websites (Source VS Target) for many international companies include these fields: Hospitality, Sports, Health care, marketing products, etc.
We use JIRA Software for Test Management.
We examine the functionality (Dynamic and static testing) of the following aspects, to name just a few:
• Bi-directionality (As a right-to-left in Arabic language)
• Format
• Font size
• Character display
• Links
• Line break
• Missing photos and figures

(Desktop publishing)


You will need to use our DTP Services if you want to translate a document, PDF, booklet, or manual or any other type of documents that contains images, diagrams, graphics, or layouts.
At Trans2Target, our expert designers will make your files appear in target language as source one hundred percent. We convert the layouts of the source style professionally to the target.
After translating process, you can place your trust in Trans2Target to handle your PDFs, manuals, documents, etc. perfectly without any formatting issues.

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